~ The Art Gallery 3 ~


"The Art Gallery 3"


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"ME" some where in the World !!!

"My only son handsom !! Brandon Wayne King, he plays 4 "CLAYMORE""In the moment"

My beautiful daughter!! (little) Bonnie Michelle King "Bombshell"

My beautiful daughter, Jessica Jade King,"shrimp"

Mr.Otis Sistrunk,16"x20" pen&ink/black&white

Mr.Otis "U of Mars" Sistrunk 16"x20" pen&ink/black&white

Mr.Willie Bloomquist, Seattle Mariners,utility man

"Safeco Superstarrs" 16"x20" pen&ink/black&white,(L2R) Jr./A-Rod/Dan Wilson/Ed-Gar/Bone!!

"Flying Pig" 6,liter Wine Bottle,airbrush/handpainting

Mr.Ichiro Susuki 11"x15" pen&ink/black&white, Seattle Mariners,RF

Mr.Jacob Green 16"x20" pen&Ink/black&white/Seattle Seahawks DB,"Ring of Honor"

King Flip books ! more coming!!

"Home Run Race" Mr.Sammy Sosa 8"x!0" colored markers,

King Flip books ! more coming!!

Mr.Pavel Bure 11"x15" pen&Ink/black&white , my only hockey piece!Photobucket

Mr.Sam Adams 11"x15" pen&Ink/black&white Former Seattle Seahawk,now with Denver Broncos

Mr.Bono 8"x10" pen & Ink, b/w, with computer enhancement,bling Singer for the band U2

Mr.Bono, b/w pen & Ink, Original drawing

Mr.Warren Moon 8"x10" former,Seattle Seahawk/Houston Oilers/Minn.Viking/Edmonton Oiler,C.F.L.

Mr.Joe "The Boss" Hipp ( see insert photo,)show we together

This is a 8"x10" pic,I took while in NYC,of the Crylsler Bgl

"Steeple" This is a pic I took,

"Sunrise Tacoma Twins" Picture I took on Feb.14 Valintines Day,07"

Mr.Steve Via, the show @ the Moore Theater in down town Seattle,great show,great seats !!!